A Swedish Translation

There are many things different over here than in the States, one of them is the name of favorite childhood characters.  I find it interesting that they don’t call Mickey Mouse or Cinderella the same as in the States; some are the direct translation from English to Swedish, and some just make no sense to me; after collaborating with my dear “Swedish” husband he points out that they are trying to keep the names relative to names that exist in Sweden…

Donald Duck = Kalle Anka

Daisy Duck = Kajsa Anka

Cinderella = Askungen (if you translate the words seperately Ask = Ash and Ungen = Kid)

Bob the Builder = Byggare Bob

Frozen = Frost

Strawberry Shortcake = Jordgubbs Maria (Jordgubbs = Strawberry, I don’t know why they chose Maria instead of shortcake)

Tinkerbell = Tingeling (the sound a bell makes)

Mickey Mouse = Musse Pigg (When translated, Musse translates into nothing and Pigg translates to being alert)

Minnie Mouse = Mimmi Pigg

Pooh Bear = Nalle Puh (Nalle translates to Teddy)

Snow White = Snövit

Superman = Stålmannen

Spongebob Squarepants = Svampbob Fyrkant

Sleeping Beauty = Törnrosa  (Törn translates to thorn)

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